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Layers of cake, buttercream, fillings, and garnishes in a cup. Flavors inspired by my lovely wedding couples. Ready to enjoy since it comes with a spork! (2-3 servings per cup)


See flavor details under Details & Instructions.

Frost Bites

  • Annalie + Ben's Wedding Cake

    Pink Champagne cake, vanilla bean buttercream, strawberry preserves (contains milk, wheat, eggs)

    Rosie + Brett's Wedding Cake

    Rich, Ghirardelli dark chocolate cake, chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, salted caramel, chocolate morsels (contains milk, wheat, eggs)

    Instructions: For best flavor and texture, refrigerate leftovers, but enjoy again at room temperature by allowing cup to rest on the counter for one hour. Enjoy within 3 days. 

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