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Cake Artist, Owner



I was born in Montgomery, Alabama in the early '80s. At the time, my grandparents were running their first highly successful restaurant. I spent my formative years watching my grandmother, a world-famous chef, lovingly and soulfully work in her restaurant kitchen. She promised to formally teach me everything she knew when I was tall enough to see the top of the stove, but I was absorbing impactful lessons long before that day came.


In my teens, I was drawn to further development of my baking and cake decorating skills and found a mentor in my high-school home economics teacher. For sheer pleasure, I took her class twice, longing for more hours each day in the class kitchen. I then completed a professional two-year foodservice course before graduating from high school.


Wanting to blend my cake obsession (which to this point, had merely been a side-hobby) with my passion for hospitality, I started Shannon Turner Cakes in 2017, with the highest dedication to providing beautiful and delicious cakes, as well as a phenomenal customer service experience.

Learn more about services offered by Shannon Turner Cakes here.

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